In a Relationship

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Relationship Rut

Your partner doesn’t have to be in therapy with you for change to happen.

Our therapists can use our relationship knowledge to help you become the best version of yourself for your relationship.

You are currently in a relationship, but falling victim to the same pitfalls with your partner over and over again.

Relationships are incredibly hard work and none of them come easy! You could be having the same fight over and over or feel so disconnected that you have no idea how to find your way back. Maybe you are even questioning whether it’s worth it at this point.

This is normal and happens all the time. In fact, no relationship is perfect (trust us!), but the good news is – yours doesn’t have to be. It just has to be BETTER. And believe it or not, you can help improve your relationship immediately by making individual changes that will impact it in a positive way.

Developing a greater awareness into who you are and why you react the way you do, or how your relationship’s vicious cycles play out, can be incredibly beneficial. This is because when one partner thinks differently, then they do something differently…this halts the common negative pattern…and demands a different and more positive response from your partner. Over time, these healthier exchanges become habits that lead to a stronger partnership!

With clients who are in a relationship, we often work toward a greater self awareness and a deeper understanding of your relationship’s negative cycles. Ultimately, you feel confident that you can be the change agent that propels your relationship into a loving place again.

We are here to help you reflect, understand, and change your actions to feel connected to your partner again! Contact us today to inquire about an appointment.