Welcome to Revive Relationship Therapy!

Relationship Counseling for couples & individuals in Chicago

Are you in a relationship that you’re just not sure can be repaired? Are you single and wondering why you haven’t been able to find someone? Or, perhaps dating someone but have many questions about whether this relationship is right? Maybe you are experiencing symptoms that are keeping you from developing a healthy relationship with yourself and others.  You’re in the right place!

Welcome to Revive Relationship Therapy!  You’re in good hands. Imagine this…you’re with someone and you feel wonderful all the time – connected, in love, things are easy and exciting…then, BAM! Something changes. You may not notice it at first but all of the sudden your relationship is lacking the intimacy, connectedness, fun, desire or respect that it once had. Instead, you’re confused, lonely, mad, resentful, hurt or betrayed.

This series of events is so, so common, and without the right tools, most people face this relationship disaster at some point, whether they choose to pursue therapy or not. There is a way to fix this! You don’t have to fight constantly, or struggle with communication for years and years. We believe that everyone can have a fulfilling relationship and that with the right skills, knowledge, and willingness to work on yourself you can fix your part, leading to love that will last even through the hardest times in life.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a consultation or appointment for couples therapy or individual therapy, where we will figure out why you are struggling to have a fulfilling relationship and put together a plan to make it better! Revive specializes in several services (including treatment of anxiety and depression) that will help you reach your goals: dating, premarital therapy, committed relationship confusion, breakup recovery, loss of intimacy, affair recovery and more.

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