The Power of Saying Thank You

Have you been feeling unappreciated by your spouse? Are you having a hard time remembering the last time he or she looked you in the eye and expressed appreciation for something you did for the family? In my experience, couples who focus on saying thank you to each other increase this appreciation tenfold in their relationship – and thus, feel more connected and loved by one another.

In fact, expressing appreciation is one of the most important factors in keeping a marriage strong. We simply need to feel that our partner notices what we do. Too often, I work with couples who consistently miss chances to express this to each other. After weeks, months, and in some cases years pass by without taking the time to do this, you can imagine the state of any relationship. Couples begin to feel distant, then it takes more time and effort to reconnect, so they opt not to do it, creating more distance. This cycle can go on for years. Today, I offer a VERY, VERY simple way to express appreciation for your spouse.

SAY THANK YOU! It is these two words that can make a world of difference in keeping you connected. Just because you’re married or dating does not mean that you get to take advantage of your spouse’s offerings. For example, think of the last time a friend or a family member went out of their way for you – you may have said something like, “thank you SO much. I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done without you today!”. Both of you likely walked away from the interaction feeling good about your relationship.

When was the last time you said something like this to your spouse? If you do this often, great work! Appreciation will always be effective in helping you staying connected. If you can’t remember the last time, focus this week on looking for opportunities to do this. I promise you – it will go a long way!

If you need help finding opportunities like this or improving your connection in general, please don’t hesitate to call Revive and schedule an appointment today!