Is the Grass Really Greener?

Today we at Revive have an ACTION PROMPT for you to practice at home!

Going along with Amanda’s recent toolkit video, we wanted to blog about the tendency for couples to compare their relationships to friends and family members. We are so inundated these days with the highlight reel of everyone else’s relationships through platforms like Instagram and Facebook, that we tend to forget what we love and long for what we don’t have.

EVERY.SINGLE.COUPLE. – seriously – every one of them – has their own set of issues and their own strengths. We present our best selves in the public eye. This pattern in society, along with frustrations within our own relationship, and individual symptoms such as depression or anxiety, can all gang up to make you feel like your relationship is struggling while all the others are thriving.

Although it’s somewhat natural to compare, going down the comparison rabbit hole is extremely dangerous. You’re at risk of losing sight of the strengths that you most likely have at home, which causes you to feel jealousy, anger and frustration, and worse – aim these feelings at your partner and start unnecessary fights. Similar to the practice of gratitude, focusing on the things that are good is a skill that your relationship deserves.

Take action TODAY by doing this exercise at home:
Take 5 minutes and think about your relationship, closing your eyes and calling into mind imagery of good times together. Write down 3-5 relationship strengths that those images bring to mind. Once you do this, notice if you’re still feeling resentful or whether you’ve grasped a more realistic outlook.