Ignite a Spark: Simple Ways to Connect

Holiday season is upon us, making spending uninterrupted time together even more challenging.  Sometimes it really does feel impossible. Let me be the first (or tenth!) to tell you – you have to MAKE it happen.  It’s not easy, and it’s not going to happen naturally, as you know. If you feel a desire to connect with your partner, let him or her know in a soft way.  I repeat, SOFT WAY. 😉 “Hey, I’ve been missing you, I’d love to turn off phones and just talk for awhile” versus “We never spend time together anymore, why aren’t you asking me on dates?”…well, you get the idea.  Here are 2 simple ways to connect and be present this holiday season:

  1. Tell him or her how attractive they are to you.  Pick a physical attribute and pay your partner an unexpected compliment.  This is a great way to spark intimacy and desire, and to send them the message that you still find them irresistible.
  2. Reminisce on your story.  How and where did you meet?  What was fun about the early days?  What were the awesome things you noticed about your partner that you still find to be attractive?  The days of butterflies were FUN – talk about it!
  3. Start touching your partner.  This can really be so simple. When you walk by in the kitchen, pass them getting ready for bed, watch a movie together, really anywhere or anytime.  Reach out and touch them – graze an arm, give a small massage, a long hug, kiss on the cheek. Whatever works – it’s easy and pays off.