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Dating is overhelming.

Being good at a relationship takes work. We can help.

You are single and out in the dating world (the very overwhelming, digitally fueled and exhausting dating world, we might add!).

It’s hard out there! You might go on date after date, simply to find yourself not clicking with people, “forcing” something to work, excusing someone’s behaviors when you shouldn’t, or forgetting all about your boundaries because…well, you want a partner.

This is normal and happens all the time. BUT-

Developing a greater awareness into who you are and how you present yourself can lead to better choices and ultimately a strong relationship.

With clients who are dating, we often work toward developing insight into your prior relationships, even from childhood, to understand your patterns. Then, over time you can integrate new, healthier choices into your dating life from a place of awareness rather than just being on “autopilot” and watching the same cycle repeat itself.

We are here to help you reflect, understand, and change your actions to create a healthier dating life! Contact us today to inquire about an appointment.