Am I Depressed or Just Sad?

 Everyone goes through ups and downs in life.  One day you’re feeling great, then the next you are feeling empty and bored with the world, finding yourself ruminating, isolating yourself, or feeling like you don’t matter.  Many of our clients question the difference between normal sadness and depression.  Here’s a quick reference list to explore whether you may be suffering from depression:    

  1. How long have you felt this way?  Unlike normal sadness, depression will linger for a long period of time.  Ask yourself if you have felt sad most days for much of the day during the past two weeks.  Has this been a pattern? If so, you may be experiencing clinical depression.
  1. Hopelessness  Do you constantly feel like things are not going to get better?  Your hope for the future is gone and it doesn’t seem possible for you to make friends, do your job, or enjoy your partner.  You may think, “What’s the point?”
  1. Weight loss/ Weight Gain  Have you gained or lost a significant amount of weight over the last few weeks?  You might be eating way more or way less than before. This weight fluctuation accompanies depression quite often. 
  1. Sleep Problems  You might also be getting little to no sleep, or, way too much sleep.  Feeling like staying in bed all day is common for people who are depressed. You don’t want to face the world – or – you’ve become an insomniac who sleeps all day and cant sleep at night.
  1. Lack of Fun  One of the worst symptoms of depression is the loss of pleasure.  Notice if you no longer feel motivated to hit the gym, see friends, spend time with family, or do things that usually make you happy.
  1. Anger and irritability.  You might be lashing out at friends, family, or your spouse for unknown reasons, or feel extra irritable during the day.  You might be expecting too much from others and upset when they are not putting their own lives aside to tend to your needs.

About Revive Relationship Therapy

A Revive, a therapist can help you sort through depression and figure out how to feel better! Although depression may sound scary, it can be treated and you can feel better again – we are especially good at addressing depression that results from relationship problems.  We’re conveniently located near public transportation in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  

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