Couples Therapy for Separation

Today we want to clear up the myth that relationship therapy is ONLY for couples or individuals who want to have happier and more fulfilling love lives. That is, of course, many clients’ goal and we are here to help you understand yourselves and your partner better in order to do this!

But, not all relationships work.  And not all relationships are healthy and should be continuously worked on if you are not seeing any relief after trying for several months.  One of the ways you can recognize this is if your relationship lacks respect and the friendship that you once felt, and that it’s difficult (if not impossible) to drum up desire to connect, remember the good times, or  communicate appreciation and respect toward your partner. Many circumstances can create a recipe for a relationship that may not work – such as marrying too early, committing without having important conversations, or betrayals within a relationship.

At Revive, we can work with you in a structured format to help you separate amicably.  This might mean you are just taking a few months apart to clear your head and see what your world feels like without your partner.  It may also be a test for impending divorce. Separation can involve a lot of key aspects that you may not think of in addition to the obvious questions such as “where will I live?” or “how often will we see each other?”.  It’s a complicated and emotional process, but with the help of a therapist, you can do it more smoothly than navigating on your own. Additionally, weekly therapy can help both partners to communicate their current needs or thoughts in a healthy, respectful manner so that the separation is not ridden with hurt feelings.

If this is something you are going through or want to discuss further, don’t hesitate to reach out to Revive!  We can answer any questions you might have about what you are feeling and how to move forward with getting therapy to help you.