Breakup or Divorce

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There are so many emotions when an important relationship ends.  All of them matter.

You may need someone to walk with you through this journey.

A very important relationship in your life has recently ended. You are left confused, exhausted, angry, sad, and regretful.

You might be wondering, how did we get here? Should this have ended? Will I find someone again? Is it too late to start over? You might be struggling to let go or lashing out in order to cope. You might be feeling depressed, anxious, or like your world is spinning out of control.

This is all normal. Everyone grieves differently as it is a highly individualized process that we all go through after the end of a relationship.

Developing a greater awareness into who you are, what went wrong, and how you can prevent that in the future can lead to healthy acceptance, better choices and ultimately a stronger relationship in the future.

With clients who suffering from relationship loss, we often work toward developing insight into what roll you played in the ending and the unhealthy dynamics that were at play. It is important to normalize your grieving and take it day by day as you move forward. Then, over time you can integrate new, healthier choices into your next relationship from a place of awareness rather than just being on “autopilot” and watching the same cycle repeat itself.

We are here to help you reflect, understand, and change your actions to create a healthier relationship next time! Contact us today to inquire about an appointment.